About Us

About Us

Attack Mats were invented and patented in a small Iowa town by a retired Police Officer in 2018 with a vision to help prevent serious injury and or death to EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. Keith Brown, with over 30 years in the EMS and Law Enforcement wanted to provide an additional tool to responding emergency personnel at high risk scenes. With today’s ever changing world, Attack Mats will help in high risk situations such as blades, blunt force objects, or firearms being discharged at emergency responders while on scene. Upon arrival at the scene Attack Mats can be quickly removed from under the responder’s feet by one of the mats integrated handles while exiting the vehicle, using the Attack Mat, responders now they have a ballistic shield to protect what matters most “Their Life”. Attack Mats are light weight and produced in the United States by a leader in the field of Ballistic Armament, Attack Mats can withstand multiple rounds of handgun and rifle fire without penetration. Attack Mats is committed to only the very best products and service by Protecting Those Who Serve Worldwide.

Attack Mats is the industry first with the US Patented MAXFORCE Ballistic Multi-Purpose Mats!

Attack Mats wants to help so that no matter what color your uniform is our brothers and sisters that serve will go home to their loved ones at the end of their shift.

  • Attack Mats are SOLD only in pairs being front driver and passenger
  • Vehicle Specific
  • SOLD only to Confirmed Government Agencies
  • MAXFORCE Mats are shipped directly from the Manufacturer.

Our Approach

Our Approach

After serving on the police force for over 20 years, I have developed a love and caring for my law enforcement and EMS family.  With that, we have worked hard to research and develop Attack Mats to offer an additional line of defense in the line of fire and unexpected emergency situations.

We have looked at this from all sides and developed an additional tool for the men and women in this industry to protect themselves to go home at the end of their shift.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Keith Brown

Founder & CEO

Keiths Bio is currently being written and will show up here very soon.

Next Steps...

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