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Police Magazine | May 2019

Attack Mats are an exceptional New “Life Saving Product” by providing both a floormat and ballistic protection under the officer’s feet at all times. The product was developed to be used in emergency situations. As the officer exits the patrol vehicle for an active shooter or felony stop the mats can be quickly removed and used as a ballistic shield for additional protection. This provides immediate protection without having to get into the vehicle trunk or rear hatch to get a shield.

Attack Mats are threat level NIJ lllA certified to provide ballistic protection from handguns and shotguns including 12 gauge slugs. Not only do the mats provide ballistic protection but also stab and slice protection from knives, screwdrivers, broken beer bottles or any other sharp objects that may be used as a weapon against the officer. The mats are very light weight at less than seven pounds so officers can run with them without being bogged down with a heavy shield.